Microsoft ‘pops’ into the mashup space

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Mashup fans, rejoice! Microsoft has opened up access to their PopFly mashup beta.

Techcrunch has coverage here, CNET has coverage here, O’Reilly Radar has a post here, Mashable here, Webpronews here, and more is sure to come. I’ve also blogged about Popfly in the past.

Popfly should do great things for increasing consumer awareness of mashup technology. It also has a great name. [Though, I really prefer "Microsoft Visual Mashup Creator Express, October 2007 Community Tech Preview Internets Edition"] :-)

One item of particular interest is the ability for developers to code new Popfly ‘modules’ using Microsoft Visual Studio. That’s a great feature, indeed. It’s somewhat a shame, however, that Microsoft has tied this software so heavily to MS tools and runtimes. Requiring MS Visual Studio for in-depth development and for your users to all have the Silverlight run-time isn’t ideal, but regardless — Popfly is pretty cool stuff!

I’m looking forward to getting my hands on Popfly and coding up some AlchemyPoint modules to allow for really fun back-end processing. Combining these two systems should provide for some interesting possibilities.buy pills online usadiscount code 5%:_879981online pharmacy usa


“I’d mash the web like it was a potato. A sweet, data-filled potato.”

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OK, I just had to re-post the above comment from a TechCrunch preview of Microsoft’s Popfly — it made me laugh.

Taking a quick look at the Popfly screencast, I’m totally impressed. This looks like a super application and a great compliment to existing tools within the Mashup market space.

I especially like the ability to construct custom modules and integrate them into Popfly creations. At Orchestr8 we can’t wait to get our hands on this app, to try out building some fun presentation-level mashups that incorporate our AlchemyPoint Server for doing behind-the-scenes processing. Popfly’s incredible UI should be a great compliment to some of the fun stuff we’re doing on the backend.

Mashups just keeps getting more interesting! I’m still waiting for Google to get its feet wet, now that both Yahoo and Microsoft have officially entered the pool.pills online usadiscount code 5%:_879981pharmacy online usa