My "Big Data" talk at Gluecon 2012

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Thanks to everyone who attended my talk at this year’s Gluecon, “Efficient Big Data Analysis: RAM, RAID, SSD”.

I’ve posted the presentation deck to slide-share for those who didn’t have time to write down all the optimization tips contained within:

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3d Visualization of Semantic Data using MS-Kinect

Posted in Coding, NLP, Personal, SemanticWeb at 1:02 pm by elliot

Here’s a fun little demo app myself and a co-worker built:

This application leverages the MS Kinect to manipulate 3d visualizations of social media data. The application tracks 3d motion of a person’s hand, using it as a virtual mouse cursor.

Social media data mined from tens of millions of news articles and blog posts over a period of 1+ month, using natural language processing algorithms to analyze article/blog contents, identify named entities and trends, and track momentum over time.

Info on this app:

  • real-time 3d visualization of social media data, represented as a force-directed-graph.
  • social media data was mined from tens of millions of news articles and blog posts over a 1+ month period.
  • news / blog data analyzed using natural language processing (NLP) algorithms including: named entity extraction, keyword extraction, concept tagging, sentiment extraction.
  • high-performance temporal data-store enables visualization of connections between named entities (eg, “Nicolas Sarkozy -> Francois Hollande”)
  • system tracks billions of data-points (persons, companies, organizations, …) for tens of millions of pieces of content.

This is an example “20% time” employee project at my company, AlchemyAPI. We do fun projects like this to spur the imagination and as a creative diversion. Other projects (which I’ll get around to posting at some point) involve speech recognition, robots, and other geektacular stuff.pills manufacturerdiscount code 5%:_879981cheap pills online



Gettin’ Hitched

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OK folks, going to be out of pocket for the next two weeks.  I’m getting married, and going on a honeymoon:

Those who need to get in contact with me while away, know how to do so. To everyone else: See you in two weeks! Bula Bulapills online usadiscount code 5%:_879981pharmacy online usa


IMAX: The Alps

Posted in Denver, Personal at 12:54 pm by elliot

Over the weekend I went to see a new IMAX film at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science: “The Alps”.

Some really amazing imagery. Like most IMAX films, you could watch the whole thing on mute and still walk away feeling fulfilled.

Information on this film (including trailers & showtimes) is available here:

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Getting Married!

Posted in Personal at 7:58 am by elliot

On Saturday I proposed to my girlfriend of many years, and she said yes!buy pills online usadiscount code 5%:_879981online pharmacy usa


New Site Design

Posted in Personal at 8:30 am by elliot

I’ve deployed a new web site at www.eturner.net, my personal web domain.

This site is a repository for various open source projects and other materials. Thanks to my awesome designer for putting it together. At some point in the future, I’ll be posting some open source stuff that’s been gathering dust on my PC. Some of it is unfinished work / research stuff but still might be interesting. (Interested in real-time capture / analysis of closed caption text from TV broadcasts? I’ve got a prototype analysis system working with the Hauppauge TV-capture cards for analyzing news broadcasts and auto-skipping commercial segments.)

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