Colorado Technology & Entrepreneurship

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Colorado has a truly vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem.  Everywhere you look, new startup companies are being formed to solve interesting technology and clean energy problems.  I cannot stress how much this is truly the case — in my neighborhood, on my street, there are at least three entrepreneurs involved with startup companies.  Truly amazing.

Some talented folks put together a video that details aspects of the startup / technology scene in Boulder, a close neighbor of Denver, CO.  Boulder is a fantastic place (my company has a number of customers in Boulder, so I’m up there quite often).  If you’re interested in what it’s like to work in a technology startup in Boulder, check out this video:

If you’re interested in forming a technology / clean-tech startup and are looking to plant some roots, check out Colorado.  Denver, and its northern cousin, Boulder, are fantastic places to run a startup.

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It’s November 4th..

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Go Vote!

- posted from the Defrag ’08 conference
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American President

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Colorado has been buzzing with political activity this year: the Democratic National Convention, rallies, protests, volunteers knocking on doors — you name it.

Yesterday my wife and I went to an Obama rally in Denver.  We were two of around 100,000 folks in attendence.

Regardless of your political persuasion, stuff like this should make you proud.  People taking part in the political process at this level is just amazing.pills manufacturerdiscount code 5%:_879981cheap pills online


Colorado Early Voting Starts Today

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Early voting in Colorado starts today!  To find your closest polling location go here.

Get out and vote!
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I want an OmniGlobe!

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OK, the OmniGlobe is just super-cool (and made by a Colorado company! — go Colorado!):

(right-click above and choose “Play” to watch the OmniGlobe in action, or just click here)