Colorado Technology & Entrepreneurship

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Colorado has a truly vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem.  Everywhere you look, new startup companies are being formed to solve interesting technology and clean energy problems.  I cannot stress how much this is truly the case — in my neighborhood, on my street, there are at least three entrepreneurs involved with startup companies.  Truly amazing.

Some talented folks put together a video that details aspects of the startup / technology scene in Boulder, a close neighbor of Denver, CO.  Boulder is a fantastic place (my company has a number of customers in Boulder, so I’m up there quite often).  If you’re interested in what it’s like to work in a technology startup in Boulder, check out this video:

If you’re interested in forming a technology / clean-tech startup and are looking to plant some roots, check out Colorado.  Denver, and its northern cousin, Boulder, are fantastic places to run a startup.

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Boulder NewTech Demo

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I’m going to be up in Boulder Colorado tonight demoing a preview of my company’s new AlchemyGrid service. The demo will be at the monthly Boulder / Dever New Technology Meetup event.

Be sure and say hello if you’re at the meetup!
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Colorado Tech Meetups

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Colorado is lucky to be blessed with an exciting entrepreneurial scene and a solid local technology base. This really shows if you take the time to visit one of the great Tech Meetups in the area, and take a look at the other folks who are in attendance. A truly great group of people.

I’ve made it up to the Boulder Meetup a few times (attempted to go to the January event but was thwarted by bad traffic on highway 36), but haven’t ever gone to a Denver event. From the looks of the following blog post, we should start seeing some additional events in Denver soon:

I’m going to try and make it out to more of these events in the near future. If you see me in the crowd, be sure and say hello!buy pills online usadiscount code 5%:_879981online pharmacy usa


Boulder Technology Meetup, Me.dium

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I recently had the pleasure of attending the Boulder New Technology Meetup for the first time. Quite a turn-out! It’s great to see the Boulder/Denver tech/geek/business community coming together for events like these.

I was only able to catch the last 30 minutes of the event (a combination of Denver election-day business, traffic, etc. delayed my drive up to Boulder), but was able to see some interesting demos. Clickcaster has been archiving video of past events; hopefully they recorded this one as well (recordings are great for people who can’t make it out to all events or arrive late!)

First up was a PocketPC application that made usage of the Yahoo Answers, Maps & Weather APIs. Very versatile program; I especially like the Answers API integration.

Second was a demo from ProtectMyPhotos.com, a service aimed at offering automatic media file synchronization from your desktop PC to an on-line backup service.

Lastly was a demo from the Me.dium team, a new Boulder start-up that’s making its first movements out of stealth mode. Exposing the idea of a “shared space” to Internet users has a lot of interesting possibilities; I’ll be watching Me.dium as it further develops.pills online usadiscount code 5%:_879981pharmacy online usa