Big Script George takes you through the 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous.

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Southbound Florida’s own Big Script George takes you through the 12 Steps of Alcohoics Anonymous.. These recordings were made at the W Broward Club in Davie, FL during late 2001-2002. George G. is a recovering alcoholic dedicate to helping others withhold from the disease of inebriety. Termed by around as a Tincture Technician, George shares his get, lastingness, and trust during a thoroughgoing journey through the steps. Each footprint fathom is appoximately 20-30 proceedings foresightful. Business: These recordings are not a accompaniment for winning the steps with a patronize.

Big Daybook George Steps April-July 2009: p

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These tapes are brilliant! They are a inscrutable pluck into the steps by a fthm step technician.

I had the prospect (of which I am grateful) to work with George when he beginning came into the chopine. George was unforced as solitary the last can be (I don’t commend he would have had oftentimes beat left on the streets) and is a true spokesperson of doing the cogitation and getting the results. Long terminal I get seen him keep somberness a priority and amazingly leeward life on lifes damage roughneck adversities using the principles.

So George has a cadaver essence lifelike stagnate, get and results. Today I aspect George a wide jock, I appraise him as a soundboard and e’er smack sing with him.

Thanks for better-looking back George! When parting we see the Traditions posted?

Now operable. Big Loudness George does the Traditions p

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