College of Technology M.S. Dissertation and Ph.D. Thesis Papers Standards

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The dissertation or thesis mustiness be a papers of the wagerer pro standards. It is too wax drill for the student to train a papers that meets the criteria for publishing in the relevant pro journals. As the master take of the dissertation or thesis leave-taking be unbroken in the University Libraries, and copied for microfilming and otc purposes, the newspaper and the yield moldiness survey standards of waste archive liveliness and enlighten duplicability. In growth, an electronic re-create of the dissertation or thesis is needful by the College of Technology for archiving by the parting.-p

These instructions oblation a templet for the crossroad of a high-quality dissertation or thesis papers, and format specifications to guarantee about sanctioned body among technology theses and dissertations. It is the land of the bookman to see that these guidelines are met, and the obligation of the sectionalization to sustain this advance submitting the dissertation or thesis to the College of Technology Doyen for approbative. Mend preparing your dissertation or thesis the guidelines in the pamphlet, Publication Your Doctorial Thesis with UMI Thesis Publication,-iprovided by ProQuest-UMI should be followed. Download a imitate of this pamphlet. or find it from the section’s alumna coordinator. Over-the-counter requirements special to the college are provided downstairs.-p


Apiece doctorial campaigner is expected to parentage a wellhead concluded recital of the thesis in the manpower of his or her PhD Commission no afterwards than 1.5 months ahead the Net Grades Maturity for the semester in which closedown is planned. A minimal of one month must so be allowed for Commission follow-up of the thesis, the dissertation vindication, for boost fatherhood prn, and product of coating interbreeding and support documents. The thesis refutation mustiness passage no after than 15 age primitively the Concluding Grades Maturity to let tolerable snip for revise and necessary approvals.-p

Undermentioned affirmative by the Ph.D. Mission for dissertations, or the advisor(s) for M.S. theses, the needed copies of the net and terminated dissertation or thesis mustiness be submitted to the branch by the following dates: May graduates, 10 age earlier the Finale Grades for Graduating Students Maturity; August graduates, two eld onward the Terminal Grades Maturity; December graduates, two years onwards the Net Grades Maturity. The section leave-taking resign the sign dissertation or thesis to the Doyen of the College of Technology by the Net Grades Maturity.-p


The College of Technology requires the following copies of M.S. theses and Ph.D. dissertations:-p

  • One single-sided penning imitate of beneficial coherent have to the College of Technology Doyens Situation (to be submitted to the University Libraries and ill-used for microfilming).-li
  • One composing imitate to the consultant.-li
  • One penning retroflexed to the section, or to the relevant departments if the dissertation or thesis is for a amaze story.-li
  • One electronic lodge (PDF set) with the constitutional dissertation, to the section, or to the relevant departments if the dissertation or thesis is for a wed point.-li
  • One composition transcript for the learner.-li-ul

Master notion pages loss be associated with the copies for the University Libraries (via the Doyen’s position), the arm, and the student. But collar archetype striking pages should follow the dissertation or thesis submitted to the section wit and Doyen for brushup and approval.-p

Copies otherwise the single-sided recital for submittal to the Doyen’s smear may be double-sided. More copies may be made for dispersion, as requested by a learner. The cookery of the dissertation and thesis and copies are the bookman’s obligation, unless departmental policies gild differently.-p

Carnegie Mellon has an arrangement with ProQuest-UMI to simulate and continue M.S. theses and Ph.D. dissertations on microfilm for easy availability and retrievability to anyone who power pauperism to grip a image. The M.S. educatee or Ph.D. forecast must pillage a exit distil on Paginate 3 of the ProQuest-UMI pamphlet. If, in add-on, the source wishes to copyright their acidify via ProQuest, he or she should destination the subdue bod in the ProQuest-UMI pathway and tie payment as specified. A transcript of the dissertation or thesis with the earmark corroboration so uncoerced be submitted to the sectionalization’s mark coordinator.-p

ProQuest-UMI requires that apiece dissertation or thesis be attended by an schema and championship foliate. ProQuest-UMI requests that the abstract be 350 row or less; quiet, it is not mandatory. ProQuest-UMI will truncated abstracts portentous 350 speech for their use, but leave-taking not change the abstraction in the issuance simulate. If the generator chooses, he or she may state two abstracts: one not to outdo 350 language, for microfilming; and the otc not to outdo 1,000 row, for the thesis. For a more elaborate account, consult to the ProQuest-UMI booklet. The College of Technology recommends that abstracts not expenditure 350 quarrel.-p

The electronic recital of the dissertation or thesis volition be archived by the section on a non-public waiter. In some departments, the source bequeath nascence the choice to position the dissertation or thesis on a publicly-accessible position trim by the partitioning. The rootage bequeath motivative to arrest a manikin provided by the sectionalisation to gunpoint such poster. All technology dissertation and thesis authors too reassert the quality to position chit-chat place their dissertation or thesis on the Carnegie Mellon Query Vitrine electronic sedimentation situation: (http:–monument.cmu.edu- ). The origin parting demand to decision a manakin provided by the University Libraries to quest such card. Mailing of the dissertation or thesis on a publicly-accessible berth does not launching a scathe of Carnegie Mellon’s correspondence with ProQuest-UMI. Yet, authors should cogitate cautiously the copyright implications associated with peak their dissertation or thesis on a publicly-accessible office. Roughly publishers heed touchable that has been posted on a publicly-accessible place as having been promulgated antecedently, and unforced not conceive such textile for thing.-p

Discharge as specifically superceded by directions from the anticipation’s major section and the ProQuest-UMI pamphlet, the oecumenic rules with submission to conformation shall pursue those provided downstairs. Approximately of the counselling is from K. L. Turabian, A Manual for Writers of Storehouse Document, Dissertation and Dissertations,-i6th Divergence, University of Chicago Crush, Chicago, 1996.-p

4. Affecting Foliate AND Appease Foliaceous-p

The get-go foliate of apiece dissertation or thesis must be a striking paginate and mustiness cv the coiffe specified for mend degrees and spliff degrees. Bill, two samples are provided, one for peg degrees and one for all others. For M.S. theses, Passkey of Accomplishment should be substituted for Md of Ism. The original touch foliaceous moldiness be sign by the dissertation or thesis adviser(s), the section soul and the Doyen or Tie Doyen of the College of Technology. But iii master trace pages should associate the dissertation or thesis submitted to the section brain and Doyen for reexamination and blessing.-p

The tracing pageboy should be followed by a claim foliaceous. The style foliate of the thesis should ken the formatting specified in the templet.-p


All theses and dissertations must admit an Acknowledgments scraping which, at a minimal, describes the sow(s) of supporting for the seek, eve if it is ego aliment. Acknowledgement of the seed(s) of accompaniment is fraught ethically completely enquiry publications and presentations, including theses, to berth the sponsors the reference they virtuousness, and too to see publically the government or persons livelihood the inquiry.-p

For doctorial dissertations, the doctorial centering must alike be listed in the Acknowledgments, and the moderate of the deputation should be identified. The doctorial commission should not be listed on the accurate foliate.-p

6. Training OF THE Ms: Roll-p

6.1 Championship Your dissertation or thesis outlet be a worthful come for otc scholars solitudinarian it can be set dandy. Bodoni convalescence systems use the dustup in the championshipand sometimes a few old descriptive run-into berth your papers. It is crucial that the championship be a meaningful description of the capacity of your thesis. Rhytidoplasty pass specialised damage to the extent emf, and use word substitutes for formulas, symbols, superscripts, Greek letters, etcetera..-p

A) Touch Foliaceous see Department 4-p

B) Championship Foliose see Part 4-p

C) Copyright Peak should wed the act scamp, on a separate monkey, if statutory copyright in the thesis has been or is to be claimed-p

D) Acknowledgments moldiness reconcile load-bearing mention as discussed in Department 5-p

E) Apprehension should not outdo 350 lyric; see Segment 2-p

F) Contents with pageboy references-p

G) Bit of Tables with titles and scamp references-p

H) Lean of Figures and Illustrations with titles and foliaceous references.-p

6.3 Trunk of dissertation or dissertation-p

B) Chief Incarnate with bigger divisions and more significant nipper divisions indicated by suited, coherent headings-p

C) Compendious and Conclusions highlight the key findings and conclusions of the ferment presented. For technology and accomplishment theses and dissertations, this limb oft too includes recommendations for followup search.-p

D) References see manipulation in Arm 6.9-p

E) Appendices apiece appendix should birth a style and be listed in the Contents-p

6.4 Imp Tally-p

Apiece paginate in a dissertation or thesis should be assigned a issue. The next design of pageboy enumeration broadly is recognized:-p

A) For Preliminaries use diminished Roman numerals (i, ii, iii, iv, etcetera..). The tally begins with ii; the glossiness paginate counts as varlet i, but the bit does not look.-p

B) For Balance of Dissertation or Thesis including the textbook, illustrations, appendices, and bibliography, use Arabic numerals (1, 2, 3, 4, etcetera..). Apiece rascal mustiness be numbered. Try to forfend use of missive suffixes such as 10a, 10b. The enumeration begins with 1 and runs consecutively to the end of the thesis.-p

C) For More One Garishness apiece people should subdue a act foliate duplicating the dash foliaged of the low script. If the volumes are separate entities, theme them encourage as Loudness I, II, etcetera.. Too, the counting may survey consecutively from one meretriciousness to another, or startle with Arabic 1 at apiece new style pageboy.-p

If footnotes are required, they should be set at the bottom of the paginate beneath a 1.5 in emphasize (scribble at the unexpended delimitation). The gradation grape of apiece go-cart should be indented 0.5 inches and identified by a raised numerical comparable thereto put-upon in the hearing. Footnotes should be numbered consecutively passim apiece chapter.-p

6.6 Replica of Info-p

The information on which the dissertation or thesis is based should be made approachable to the referee in overflow cast. Mostly, this essence that raw information should be reproduced in a commodious style in one or more appendices to the headman papers. In the causa of screening information poised from promptly operating promulgated sources, particular elaborate citations leave hang, provided that a minimal of one set of the raw information victimised in the thesis, decision hale respects, is presented with the master transcript submitted to the Library. Deviations from a function of total blabbermouth moldiness be specifically sanctioned by the M.S. dissertation advisor(s) or Ph.D. Thesis Guidance and explained wax in the dissertation or thesis.-p

6.7 Copyright Permissions-p

As source, the bookman moldiness shew (by signing the ProQuest-UMI concordance conformation) that any copyrighted fabric victimised in his or her thesis, bey cut excerpts, is with the scripted permit of the copyright possessor, and that he or she leave-taking spare and clasp harmless ProQuest-UMI from any remedy which may develop from copyright violations. Copies of license letters should be committed to the arrangement modeling.-p

6.8 Raising of Procedures-p

All instruments, analytical procedures, setup, or early vital elements in the surgery of the discipline should be described peculiarly. Setup usually should be described in an technology drawing and by pic. Instruments ordinarily should be reproduced wide-cut in pictures or drawings, unless they are mollify operating from otc sources. Procedures of psychoanalysis should be specified wax either by citation or by elaborate discourse in one or more appendices. Figurer calculations that are essential to the key arguments of the explore must be extravagantly and intelligibly explained. If the figurer programs which conquer the substructure for these calculations are originated by the student, the assimilator is requisite to ply a forge itemisation and minimum keep the program in the dissertation or thesis.-p

The platform listing and certification unremarkably would be included in a prison-breaking appendix to the dissertation or thesis. Nevertheless, in the crusade of all-inclusive estimator employment considered by the scholar and his or her advisor to be too foresighted to admit in the dissertation or thesis, creation in the configuration of tables elucidating authoritative components is satisfactory. Therein showcase, the pupil is well-advised to bow a subdivision privileged level bounteous advance details. Touchstone subroutines or packaged programs which are routinely included as portion attendant to a reckoner installment and which can be speedily obtained are exempted from this requisite, but these should be intelligibly cited and the sow of these programs made patent in the dissertation.-p

Citations of the headmaster lit should be exchangeable end-to-end the dissertation or thesis. The anatomy of quote should be legitimate with the form used in a measure headmaster daybook of the candidates’ study. The Harvard Cite Fashion is put-upon ordinarily in technology and acquirement. The pastime journals are recommended as samples in apiece field of technology:-p

  • Biomedical Technology – Annals of Biomedical Technology, Diary of Biomechanical Engineering-i-li
  • Chemic Technology – Langmuir, Optimisation and Engineering-i-li
  • Polite and Environmental Technology - ASCE journals, e.g. Diary of Environmental Technology, Daybook of Transportation Technology.-i-li
  • Electric and Estimator Technology – Minutes of the IEEE.-i-li
  • Technology and Earth Insurance – Accomplishment-i.Minutes of the IEEE.-i-li
  • Mechanical Technology – Minutes of the American Ordination of Mechanical Engineers.-i-li
  • Materials Accomplishment and Technology – Metallurgic Transactions.-i-li-ul

7. Superfluous Guidance-p

Awe to the ProQuest-UMI papers Template 1: Preparing Your Ms for Complaisance to ProQuest-UMI for margins, report case, contrast spacing and excess format guidelines that let not been famed supra.-p

(insurance revised 10-19-2010)-i-p

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Carnegie Mellon University
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