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I’ve always been fascinated by data — both of the companies I’ve founded have addressed aspects of the “data overload” problem. The first, MimeStar, developed (Network Intrusion Detection System) technology that analyzed gigabits of network traffic every second, reconstructing every IP frame, TCP session, and application-layer protocol stream — looking for computer intrusions and other inappropriate activity. MimeStar was acquired in early 2000 and our products are still protecting government and corporate networks 10 years later. NIDS is fascinating technology, reducing massive packet flows down to intelligible event/activity streams & security alerts.

My present company builds natural language processing () technology to make sense of the huge quantities of unstructured text residing across the web and within company data warehouses. We’re helping build the , by “bootstrapping” unstructured content into a form that is understandable by machines. NLP is an exciting space, with real disruption potential. It’s becoming a critical technology for Semantic & Web 3.0 applications/services.

What’s that? You haven’t heard of the ? Check out this fantastic video, created by of NYU. Her short documentary does a great job of summing up many of the drivers behind the Semantic Web (such as data overload), and touches upon many of the future applications of this technology.

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