Web Clipping in OSX Leopard

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Techcrunch has posted an interesting on a new feature in OS X Leopard: Web Clipping

It’s great seeing innovative companies like Apple embracing web clipping technology. I’m a big believer in the “cut-and-paste web” and my has been working for some time now to make this concept a reality.

I’ve blogged on this subject , discussing some of the technical hurdles that must be overcome to reliably clip arbitrary web content. Regarding clipping in Leopard: Apple’s solution is somewhat limited in that it only displays clipped content in a mini-browser; it isn’t capable of inserting clipped content into other web pages or applications.

For those interested in seeing mouse-based clipping of web content in action, check out any of these screencasts:

A tutorial on how to clip web content is also available .discount code 5%:_879981
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