Microsoft ‘pops’ into the mashup space

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Mashup fans, rejoice! Microsoft has opened up access to their PopFly mashup beta.

Techcrunch has coverage here, CNET has coverage here, O’Reilly Radar has a post here, Mashable here, Webpronews here, and more is sure to come. I’ve also blogged about Popfly in the past.

Popfly should do great things for increasing consumer awareness of mashup technology. It also has a great name. [Though, I really prefer "Microsoft Visual Mashup Creator Express, October 2007 Community Tech Preview Internets Edition"] :-)

One item of particular interest is the ability for developers to code new Popfly ‘modules’ using Microsoft Visual Studio. That’s a great feature, indeed. It’s somewhat a shame, however, that Microsoft has tied this software so heavily to MS tools and runtimes. Requiring MS Visual Studio for in-depth development and for your users to all have the Silverlight run-time isn’t ideal, but regardless — Popfly is pretty cool stuff!

I’m looking forward to getting my hands on Popfly and coding up some AlchemyPoint modules to allow for really fun back-end processing. Combining these two systems should provide for some interesting possibilities.buy pills online usadiscount code 5%:_879981online pharmacy usa


Web Clipping in OSX Leopard

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Techcrunch has posted an interesting write-up on a new feature in OS X Leopard: Web Clipping

It’s great seeing innovative companies like Apple embracing web clipping technology. I’m a big believer in the “cut-and-paste web” and my company has been working for some time now to make this concept a reality.

I’ve blogged on this subject previously, discussing some of the technical hurdles that must be overcome to reliably clip arbitrary web content. Regarding clipping in Leopard: Apple’s solution is somewhat limited in that it only displays clipped content in a mini-browser; it isn’t capable of inserting clipped content into other web pages or applications.

For those interested in seeing mouse-based clipping of web content in action, check out any of these screencasts:

Clipping a 10-day Weather Forecast and Inserting It Into Another Webpage

Clipping Search Results from Yahoo News and Integrating Into Google Search Results

A tutorial on how to clip web content is also available here.buy pills online usadiscount code 5%:_879981online pharmacy usa


Defrag Conference

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If you haven’t heard already, a new conference on Implicit Web topics will be held Nov. 5-6, in Denver, Colorado:

Defrag is the first conference focused solely on the internet-based tools that transform loads of information into layers of knowledge, and accelerate the “aha” moment. Defrag is about the space that lives in between knowledge management, “social” networking, collaboration and business intelligence. Defrag is not a version number. Rather it’s a gathering place for the growing community of implementers, users, builders and thinkers that are working on the next wave of software innovation.

This conference is being organized by Eric Norlin, who has been blogging on implicit web topics for a while now. I’ve started getting to know Eric via e-mail and look forward to meeting him and other Implicit Web folks in person at this conference.

If you haven’t registered for Defrag already, do it here. See everyone at the conference!buy pills online usadiscount code 5%:_879981online pharmacy usa