Another Day, Another Mashup

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Here’s another mashup that I put together for Feedburner-enabled blogs:

This mashup utilizes Yahoo’s to extract ‘key phrases’ from blog post titles, then uses Google’s to locate related content in the desired foreign language (select from 15 available languages). Discovered ‘related content’ results are then displayed below each blog post as a clickable link, with any text displayed as automatically translated English. For example, if you are a Chinese student living in the USA, you can integrate automatic Chinese-language pre-searches into your English-language blog.

On a side note, congratulations to my friends over at Cerulean Studios, whose product was a winner in the Communications category of the recent (ranked #2, beaten only by GMail!). Speaking of this, does anyone know why the WebWare folks took down their individual product rankings for each category? These category rankings were up a few days ago, but now they’re gone and all winners have been rearranged in alphabetic order. Considering that this is a listing of Awards winners, I don’t really see the utility of an alphabetic ordering.discount code 5%:_879981

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